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Trisia Brown Davis


Trisia Davis is an international choreography that has worked with major  artists such as Flo Rida, Trina, Natalie LaRose,  Gladys Knight, Brianna, and City Girls! Her  work has been featured on major television  shows such as The Ellen Show, The Nickelodeon Awards, The Today Show, NBC’s  The Voice, and MTV’s America’s Best Dance  Crew! Trisia has over 15 years of experience  working with the dancers of the NBA, NFL,  College Teams, and many competitive cheer  and dance teams.

Trisia is an international  choreography from Miami, Florida that  apprehended the position as Head  Choreographer for the Miami Dolphins  Cheerleaders from 2005 to 2009. In 2006,  Trisia directed and choreographed 250 cheer/ dance participants for the FED-EX Orange  Bowl Halftime Show. Trisia has also worked  with Bethune-Cookman University 14K Dance  Team, Florida International University Dance Team, University of Miami Sensations Dance  Team, New York Giants Gotham City Dancers,  and The Miami Heat Dancers. Trisia has  worked internationally on televised  production shows located in The Republic of  Georgia called “STAR ACADEMY” and  “GEORGIA’S GOT TALENT” where she was  stage and movement director as well as  choreographer and visual consultant.

In February of 2010, Trisia was named Head  Choreographer for the Pro Bowl Cheerleaders where she created routines for the Elite  Cheerleaders of National Football League.  Trisia’s latest work was on the music video  “Twerk” by City Girls, ft. Cardi B. Trisia is now owner of Lash-On Productions/RUDLASH, a  company that specializes in choreography and instruction for workshops, summer camps, artist development, competition consulting, and private training for pre-professional dancers!