Four Mistakes You Never Want to Make

When Choosing a Dance Studio

Four Mistakes You Never  Want to Make

Selecting The Right Dance  Studio For Your Child Can Be Difficult..We Have Created  This Guide So You Get It Right The First Time!

This Guide Is Perfect For You If You…

  • Have a child who needs to get moving again, and get off devices, and you are looking for a Dance Studio with Covid-19 protocols in place
  • Have a child who loves to dance, or a child who is preparing to start school, or a child who would benefit from increased self-confidence, self-discipline, time management, increased fitness, fabulous fun and energy, and making new friends!
  • Are confused when it comes to selecting which dance studio would suit your child best. They all look the same, so where do you start?
  • Don’t want to go to a scary and high-pressure dance studio. You want to know the signs to look out for so you don’t end up being a crazy dance parent.
  • Want your child to attend a dance studio that will help boost their confidence, where they can make new friends and, most of all, where they will have fun and learn new skills.

With more and more dance studios opening up each week, it can be challenging for a new dance parent to know where the best place will be for their child, and that’s why we created this guide.

You and your child are seeking out a certain type of experience you want to have at a dance studio, so please use  this guide to do exactly that – find your family the best fit! I’ve been working with children who dance for 30 years, and that’s what I’ve based this guide on.

I hope you find this helpful when deciding on the best  studio for your child, and don’t hesitate to text or call us at 941-388-8603! Happy Dance Studio Shopping!

Best wishes
Alana Turner

Mistake #1

Not asking the right  questions

There are many questions that you should be asking before committing to a dance  studio for your child and before they even attend their first trial class. The most important  question should be “What are the core values of this studio?” When making your  decision, it’s important to dig a little deeper than just asking about class costs and  timetabling. Learn about the teachers, their experience, their goals for your child, their  teaching philosophy. Of course, it is also important to get practical information  such as important dates, costuming/uniform, etc.  And remember, any studio worth your time and money will be able to happily answer any questions you bring to them.

It’s also extremely valuable to talk with other parents at the studio to gauge  their feelings. While waiting for your trial to begin, strike up a conversation  with the mother or father sitting next to you in the waiting room, or check out any Reviews on Facebook or Google for additional information.

Mistake #2

You’re Not Shopping Around Enough

If you live in or near any major city, chances are there is a dance studio on every corner  and they all offer very different ways of delivering Dance Education.  When  deciding on a studio to join, make sure to take advantage of all the choices available  to ensure you find the one that is the best fit for your child and your family. Just like the students they teach, your local studios will all have different goals. For example,  they may be a competitive studio with a focus on elite training and opportunities  or they may be a recreational studio with a focus on fun and community. The right  studio for you is out there, but it may not be the first one you call.

Most (if not all) studios will offer a free trial class for new students, so make sure you  ask about trying a class out before you commit, as this is the best way to see if it is  right for you. A trial class is invaluable in getting some insight into how the teachers  interact with the class, the language that is used, how full and engaged the class is,  how appealing the content is and, above all, how much your child enjoyed themselves.

Also, take note of how organised the studio is from your first call or email exchange  with them. Do they have systems in place to book you in for a trial class and do they  follow up with you promptly? This will really show you how on top of running the  business they are. You want to attend a studio that is thriving and not in a constant  state of chaos. Studio Directors and Operations Managers should introduce themselves and introduce your child to the teacher when you take your trial class.

Mistake #3

While observing your child’s first class, you are comparing him or her with other students who have already been training in the class.

As a parent, it can be difficult to watch your child in an environment with their  peers without comparing them. Whether it is their skill level, their behavior or their  attachment to you, it is important to remind yourself that every child in the class is developing at a different rate – especially in the formative years before they start  school.

When your child joins a dance class you’ll probably notice that their confidence  seems a little lower than the other children who are slightly older or have been  dancing for longer. The other students may seem more enthusiastic, remember sequences more quickly, and their coordination and skill levels may be higher. The most  important thing a dance teacher can do is to make sure they meet every  student at their own level both technically and creatively. Don’t assume that  because your child is a bit shy  in their first few lessons that they are not  ready for dancing – instead look for how the teacher is nurturing their needs. If  your child is being met at their level, they will blossom in their dance journey –  just give them time (tears are not uncommon at the preschool age either.  Dance training is a wonderful way to help prepare children for school!

Mistake #4

You’re choosing based solely on cost

Of course, a low price tag can be very appealing, especially when children’s recreational activities can be such an expensive venture. Just remember that you  are getting what you pay for. A great dance studio is probably going to cost you a bit  more money per class – but you need to think of this expense in terms of its value  and your investment into the growth of your child.

What exactly are you paying for? Dance class is a lot more than just popping on some music and twirling around. You are paying for the experience of a great teacher, quality props, carefully planned and structured lessons and a safe and  well-equipped venue. Beyond these things that all factor into the price of your  lessons, the value you’ll receive from a great studio will come back to you as  you see your child build confidence, social skills, attentiveness, teamwork and a  passion for creativity and dance.

There! We hope that we have assisted you with the important task of choosing a Dance Education Facility for your child, or yourself! Most studios offer Adult Classes… and this is a great way to get in shape while having fun! If you have ever wanted to learn to Dance, we have awesome classes just for you!

If you would like to experience the Art & Soul difference for yourself, simply visit our website at  where you can quickly and easily find our FREE TRIAL CLASSES link.  We are also available by text and phone call at 941–388-8603.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like further information, or guidance on which of our amazing classes to choose from.